At Natura Dubai, we’ve made our choice!

We believe in nurturing craftsmanship, preserving traditions, supporting artisanal skills, employing conscious processes & practices, thinking of empowerment and thereby, becoming part of the solution.

We believe in creating and curating designs that have the potential to impact lives. Each piece is handcrafted and heart crafted - there are special stories behind them - and a real human who has lovingly put the piece together. We work directly with the artisans, helping them set up small independent workshops -  which in turn supports their families with a livelihood, and improves the life of their communities as a whole.

Rattan furniture is made by hand, so every piece you see is unique. An average rattan artisan receives work mainly through word of mouth and their rewards are appreciation of their craftsmanship.

This craft is typically passed on from one generation to another!



The process of making Rattan furniture by hand is quite intense and requires a great deal of focus and thought.

The artisan is forever thinking about how the customer would feel about their product. It’s their way of communicating and telling their story to their customers and the whole world! 

Take for instance our lovely Claire bassinet, which our artisans from South West Asia have weaved with their hands.



When you place your baby into this bassinet, you have not only a sophisticated and classy piece of rattan furniture that elevates your space, but you have the blessings and love of thousands of artisans behind the piece.

As they say, what goes around, comes around.

You are not only bringing a piece of furniture home, you are bringing love, blessings and creating a legacy for your child!

At Natura, we think that the beautiful craft of rattan furniture should be preserved, because it's more than just making money - it’s a way of preserving culture, the joy of creating something with your hands and most importantly, a way of expressing love.